About Us

We provide high quality tennis courts that you enjoy to play on for many years

S.C. Sports Surfaces Ltd (CYPRUS/GREECE) is a very well-known company, based in Cyprus and specializing in ΤENNIS courts and accessories. 

Believing in high quality, durability and Tennis enjoyment, SCS is proud to be the exclusive agent of world famous and ITF approved Tennis court surface brands such as: 

  • Rebound Ace® and
  • Laykold tennis court surfaces (USA)  

In SCS, we understand that a tennis court is an asset that adds value to your home, club, hotel or academy. It is therefore our aim to provide high quality tennis courts to enjoy to play on for many years, without the maintenance cost and hassle. 

With specialization, decades of experience in tennis courts and a huge number of courts applied across CYPRUS and GREECE from our experienced and highly qualified applicators, SCS is the name to trust for your tennis court. 

In case you are interested in a new tennis court or to resurface your existing one, SCS is the best choice for quality, reliability, professionalism, excellent customer service and reasonable pricing. 

Please find out more by contacting us today:
Tel.: +357-70009808 | Email: scsports@cytanet.com.cy